• Model: Garrett TPE331-1-151A
  • SMOH: LE: 3,611 RE: 4,229
  • SHSI: LE: 1,788 RE: 665


  • Airtext Iridium Passenger Texting System
  • Avidyne IFD-550 GPS NAV/COM
    (Interfaced to Collins 331A HSI, Avidyne AMX-240 Audio, Avidyne EX600 MFD, Avidyne AXP- 322 Transponder)
  • Avidyne EX-600 MFD
    (Interfaced to Bendix RDS-81 Color Radar, Ryan 99008 Traffic, and GDL-69A Weather)
  • Avidydne AXP-322 Remote Transponder (ADS-8, interfaced to IFD-550 and Shadin ADC- 2000}
  • Avidyne AMX-240 Audio
  • Garmin GDL-69A Remote Data Link Receiver
  • Bendix RDS-81 Color Radar
    (interfaced to EX-600 MFD)
  • Shad in ADC-2000 Altitude
  • Ryan 9900B Trafic Alert
  • Collins 331A HSI
  • Bendix M4-C Autopilot
  • Icarus Altitude Alert


  • Dual USP Ports-RH Panel
  • LED panel lights
  • Rosen RMU2 Sun Visors
  • Cleveland W&B
  • Full Known Ice
  • Woodward Fuel Controllers
  • Fuel Dump!

Interior / Exterior:

  • Maroon leather seats, gray carpet, cream headliner, coordinating side panels. Curtains, Floor Runners, Executive Table, 6-Place Intercom.
  • Matterhorn White top, Gray Bottom, with Dark Blue and Red Accent Stripes.

Price: $198,500.00