Airframe total time- 8,149 hours / 8486 cycles. Stage III
Engines-Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney TBO 3500 (4500*)
Right Engine JT15D-1A, Serial Number: PCE 76256
Overhauled By: Bizjet
Hours Since Overhaul: 1659
Cycles Remaining (limiter) to Overhaul-833
Left Engine JT15D-1B, Serial Number: PCE 77460
Overhauled By: first run-never overhauled
Hours since Overhaul: 2446
Cycles Remaining (limiter) to Overhaul: 1112
*P&W SB for extension Service Information Letter JT15D-046 and SB 7003R34

Sandel 2-Tube EFIS
GPS and VHF COM 1/NAV #1-Garmin 530AW (High power comm.+TAWS+WAAS)
ADF- Navigation King KDF 800
DME Navigation- King KDM 706
VHF COM/NAV #2-Garmin SL-30 (8.33 MHz spacing)
Dual Transponders- Garmin GTX-330 (Mode ES)/Garmin GTX-327
TCAS-Avidyne TAS 620
Radar Altimeter-Collins ALT 50
Radar-Color Bendix King RDS81A
Autopilot-Bendix FGS 70
ELT-Airtex 406
Audio Panel-Garmin 347

Satellite Weather and audio entertainment-XM GDL-69A; EROS crew masks; Super sound proofing;
Gross Weight Increase (SB); Shadin Fuel System; Seating for sixth passenger (belted seat in rear compartment); CESCOM; Keith Freon Air Conditioning; RVSM; Anti-skid system with power brakes;
Lead-Acid Battery conversion (SB/STC)
Sierra Mods:
Door locks
Long Wing
Single Pilot

Paint: March 2010-White with Blue and Gold trim; Interior-March 2010-Beige and Taupe; fire blocked. All specifications subject to verification and inspection.

Inspection Status: Phase I thru V in May 2019

Price: $189,000.00