Chance of a Lifetime!

1977 NDN Aircraft Firecracker Prototype, 521TTAF, 109 SMOH

-The one and only Firecracker Prototype, used by the National Test Pilot School.

-Brought to the USA in 2003 to the tune of $178,500 and needing an engine overhaul,

Over $200,000 spent on it as it entered service in Mojave, CA.

-This was purchased directly from NDN Aircraft in 2003, have tons of receipts and email correspondence.

-Lycoming AEIO-540, inverted oil and fuel, 109 SMOH

-Engine runs Excellent, new oil change,

-New battery last year,

-New Main tires,

-Next Condition inspection due June 2018, all compressions 78/80, fly it home today.

-Hartzell 3 blade Composite prop, 25 SMOH, very nice condition,

-2 place tandem, full dual controls,

-All aluminum, many parts are Piper; (landing gear, gauges, etc), easy to get parts

-Very nice paint, always hangared,

-Detachable Ladder, which stows behind rear seat, (large cargo area)

-Large Diving Brake, to train for strafing, and control speed on vertical decent.

-Grips have bomb and machine gun triggers, (obviously not hooked up to anything, this was a trainer).

-100 gallons of fuel, easy 4 hours of fuel + reserve, 550 miles all day on a tank.

-Quite roomy in the cockpit, cushions remove for wearing chutes,

-Usual gauges, with dual G meters, jettisonable canopy, and an Axe!

-Please research the Firecracker, it was envisioned to be an inexpensive military trainer, designed to replicate swept-wing jet characteristics.

I included some links below to articles written about it.

-As you can see from the pics, it’s nice, not perfect, but nice.  New condition inspection, kept in flying condition, all AD’s complied with, including engine and prop.

Bottom Line:

Truly One of a Kind, never will be another.

A really neat piece of Aviation History, a fun and inexpensive plane to own.

Fly anywhere, people will want to talk…..after all, it has a ladder and diving brake!

This is an Experimental aircraft, in the Exhibition sub-category.  The airworthiness certificate never expires, the plane gets a condition inspection (an annual but the A&P doesn’t have to be an IA) every year, just like any other plane.

Logs start in 2004 when imported to the USA, Have documents from NDN aircraft that they can’t find the logs.  Have tons of paperwork from NDN regarding the aircraft and it’s being sent to the USA. Engine and prop were overhauled here. (Have receipts).

Training and delivery available. It cost’s me $1230 to insure for the year.

Call Bill:(615) 406-1055 he will be at Oshkosh with it.