1978 CESSNA 340A • SOLD • AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR TRADE • This is the 340 you have been looking for. LONG range 243 gallons. LOW TIME 3985 TT 15 SMOH on the left 1099 SMOH right side. Hartzell Scimitar props 20 SMOH both. Damage history but nice documented repairs. many desireable MODS to include de ice and VGs, High SB compliance Garmin 530 and 430 WAAS. ADSB compliant. Bendix B/W radar Exhaust ADs complied with. This airplane is ready to fly you and your family in pressurized comfort above the weather. over 1000 mile range decent paint and interior. We can deliver and we love to TRADE Nice motor Yachts considered. BEST 340 VALUE ANYWHERE MAGA • Contact Bill: 615-406-1055