This is the Very Best L39 in the world.  As you can see it was NEVER a military trainer. It has over 2 million dollars worth of spares included in the package.  This is for the person who wants to own a Historical (last one ever built) L39.  It is TRULY the Best of the Best!

Price: $599,000.00

Here’s a description of this amazing warbird directly from the owner:

“5240 was purchased new directly from Aero Vodochody.  Aircraft purchase contract order and invoices from Aero Vodochody are available and part of the sale. 5240 is one of the last aircraft built before production ceased. 5240 was built for the Thailand Air Force to their specification, with differencial brake pedal steering, US solid state invertor (no more Russian rotary inv.) to name a few.  There are many more enhancements compared to the original L39.

This aircraft was never operated in any military environment. Thailand canceled the last order and Aero Vodochody got stuck wit it.

In hopes to restart the L-39 production again, Aero Vodochody flew 5240 with this attractive paint scheme to the Paris Air Show, unfortunately there were no orders or interest due to the price tag set ridiculously high.  Aero leased rocket guidance system for EBIT and installed this in 5240 offering this option a little under 2M, this escalated the price over 8M.  Potential customers had many more options at this price range and this brought the end of the L39 production. 5240 flew back home and was put in storage.  During my visit in Aero Vodochody I happened to stumble on 5240 hiding in one of the hangars.  Long story short, I knew the right people in the right places with help of green friends and a deal was made. 5240 is the only new never assigned L39 in the world  sold directly from Aero Vodochody to an individual and not military entity.

Today, 5240 remains exactly the same as it left the factory, the exception is the extra coat of RejeX.  The paint and avionics are all original and in working order.  I have also purchased from Aero Vodochody and Kbely A.S. an extremely large package of spare parts (Original destiny was Thailand) plus ground support and test equipment.

Engine, Saphire5, Fuel Controller, Tail pipe, Landing gears, Wheels, Brake Assy’s. just to mentioned a few.  All items are new with logs! l have all the original invoices and  contracts between myself and Aero Vodochody as well as all original log books with no discrepancies.

5240 is in like new condition, always hangared, never abused and well taken care of.  Maintenance was done by Aero Vodochody mechanics. As I mentioned, this is not everybody’s L39.  It is a unique opportunity to own a very special and original, like new condition aircraft.”

Aircraft Photos:

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