The one of a kind Turbo-Shark. (Turbine Sukhoi)

Fully Aerobatic +/- 9 G’s 3D Aerobatics.
Best Vertical Penetration
Thrust 3450 lbs.
Gross weight 2100 lbs.
Thrust/wt. Ratio 1.6-Better than F-18
Better than F-22
Only exceeded by Space Shuttle.
Full IFR
Positive Pressure O2 System.
Excellent Condition
One of a Kind Air Show Act, 3D Aerobatics, Dissimilar Dogfight/Formation


M601T All Attitude Oil and Fuel Pressure Only Military Engine in the Western World Type Certified Military Engine EASA.E.070

FAA E 00048 EN.
All New Parts when zeroed out June 2008

TTSO 148.4hrs. TBO 750 hrs.
Dyno: 751
Fully Automatic Start-Up System (Manual Override) Emergency Manual Override of FCU
Two Bus Protected Aux. Fuel Pump
Always maintained by Walter Team (Now G.E.)
No problem to get parts, fully supported in the USA

Avia V508E/106/A 3 Blade. Governor Dual-Action (Loss of Oil Pressure Results in Prop Feather)


Aircraft Frame: Sukhoi 26-MX TT: 1,044 hrs.

Full IFR Garmin 430. Transponder GTX327 Audio Panel: GMA340, Electric Gyro’s KY196A Com2
Gemini MFD artificial horizon

Lockable Gyro’s for Aerobatics
Back-up Battery EI Fuel Computer and Fuel Flow
Audio Alarm System for upset parameters
Positive Pressure Oxygen System (Airplane Tested to 31,000ft.) Fire Suppression System
Cleveland Brakes and SU-31 Brake System
Smoke System
Lighted Panel for Night Ops
Extended Fuel Capacity-90 gallons usable
20 min. Inverted Fuel
Tail Hook for 1 person start-up
Extended Rudder Surface
P-Factor Counter Control
No Accident History (Easy to Insure)

10 yrs. Experience with this platform
Wing Tip Wiring for Camera Work
Control of Radio/Transponder/Audio Alarm/TX on Control Stick Uncontaminated RAM air Fresh Air to Cockpit