For Sale – $310,000

I fell in love with N777VK over 20 years ago. I vowed I would never sell this airplane! The OBAMA recession of 2008/9 sadly changed my mind. I have since owner 3 other F models and none as fast as this one. I plan on 265 knots at 21,000 on 75GPH. The F model MU 2 is the ONLY turboprop a guy as Broke as me can afford to own and operate. Low TT and over a 1000 hours to go before the next scheduled engine event. Recent Avidyne avionics upgrades. Color Radar, FIKI, pressurization, AC over 1000 mile range these MU 2s are hard to beat. Don’t believe what you have heard. With the proper training, which we arrange, Most experienced pilots can safely operate these airplanes safely. Just ask the man who owns one. Don’t be banging around this summer in a Baron, that probably cost more, get up in the flight levels and cruise comfortably . Call me today.