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Seawind 3000

N333ME, Seawind 3000, serial #006, Turbo-prop, Airframe: -230.1 TTSNEW Airframe -High Quality build, NDH, -Electric Gear and Flaps, -Power open and close canopy, -Full Canopy cover and engine plugs, -Very wide cabin, 52” front seats, 54” rear seats, -Experimental /...

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1977 Wilga-35

Look in the Dictionary for worlds UGLIEST airplane and the WILGA just might show up. HOWEVER look under the worlds most rugged, dependable, & durable STOL aircraft and it will Definitely be THERE.1805 TT 1270SMOH with a fresh TOP, She cruises at a STATELY 100 MPH,...

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2001 Cessna CJ 1

CITATION CJl N88LS AIRFRAME Total Time: 2528.0 Hours Landings: 2269 Enrolled on Pro Parts, CESCOM No Known Damage History Always Hangared ENGINES Williams FJ44-1AP Total Time: 2528.0 / 2269 Hours Total Cycles: 2528.0 / 2269 Cycles Hours Since Hot Section: 14.0...

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1984 Piper Mailbu

1984 PIPER MAILBU • $236,500 • FOR SALE • Clean LOW time NO damage Piper Mailbu.3770 TT 1630 SMOH IO 550 conversion. New 4 Blade MT prop. New engine mount, a 9000 dollar upgrade. New dual vacuum pumps. Always hangered, Known ice, Cold A.C. Long range fuel, spoilers....

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IAR 823

IAR 823 • $59,000 • FOR SALE OR TRADE • WORLDS BEST WARBIRD BUY. DO not be fooled by this LOW price. This fully Aerobatic 4 place WARBIRD is a great airplane. I have owned several of these and this is the best one I have seen. It has ONLY 2200 hours since NEW....

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1972 Cessna Citation

Airframe total time- 8,149 hours / 8486 cycles. Stage III Engines-Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney TBO 3500 (4500*) Right Engine JT15D-1A, Serial Number: PCE 76256 Overhauled By: Bizjet Hours Since Overhaul: 1659 Cycles Remaining (limiter) to Overhaul-833 Left...

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