Stauncher S300X, SN 35 (last one built), N798TL

For Sale: $150,000

Licensed in the Homebuilt Category

Total Time: approximately. 350 Hrs

Engine SOH (Barett and Lyon Engine) approx. 117 hrs

Prop, MT 810 Hrs

Year Painted 2016 ($15,000 spectacular paint job)

17 gallon acro tank, newly overhauled

42 gallons in the wings

Approx. 1262 lbs. empty weight

Will indicate 190 kts at 3,000’, 420/sec roll rate

Dynon EMS D10 Engine Monitor

Digital G meter

Micro-Air Com

Micro-Air Transponder

Uavionix ADS-B out

iLevil AHRS, remote mount, dedicated antenna, wired to aircraft for charging

HOTAS Control Stick, Push to Talk, Starter Button, Smoke, all on stick

Lighted Panel with rheostat

iPad holder with shade and cooling fans

iPhone holder with inductive charging

Enlarged Rudder

Tinted and jettison able side opening canopy

New Beringer wheels and brakes, tubeless tires, very effective and light weight

Barett/Lycon engine, approximately. 327 hp, Raven Cold Air Induction, Raven custom exhaust, Lightweight Starter, Magnesium light weight starter ring, Lightweight 30 Amp alternator, Raven Inverted Oil System, Air Wolfe Remote Oil Filter System

Two new high capacity oil coolers

Call Bill Austin (615)406-1055